Energy service contract

EURENITALIA designs and manages projects to reduce energy consumption with the primary goal of saving through the improvement of energy efficiency. The savings that can be obtained on the bill are significant and range from 10 to over 30 in the most critical cases.

With the service contract EURENITALIA can sustain the cost of technical measures to achieve energy savings: the user is exempt from any form of initial investment and may reimburse EURENITALIA with the energy savings actually achieved thanks to subsequent years.

EURENITALIA, upon conclusion of the contract, previously fix the default level of performance, which usually takes the form of energy savings and subsequent cost savings compared to the pre-existing situation. The duration of the contract is a function of the time of return of the interventions (typically five to ten years).

The contracts proposed are in accordance with EPC standard (Energy Performance Contracting) of ESCO (Energy Saving Company). To achieve the best possible results and to obtain the maximum satisfaction of the customers, EURENITALIA offers also the investment funding, accompanied by the integration of specific skills in consultation and maintenance:

-Audit and energy audit aimed at contract

-Supply and realization of interventions in project financing

- Full management construction with conduction and full-service maintenance and technical

- Energy management according ISO 5001 with the management and control of energy consumption

- Energy cost at competitive market condition

-Legislative Requirements.