Energy management and control


Only by monitoring and performance analysis of different parts of the building you can know the actual conditions, make the right decisions for improving the efficiency of the service and at the same time create the prerequisites for a successful saving.

So EURENITALIA is preparing for its customers a dedicated computing platform. The system interfaces with automation systems and control of plants and can process the information from field, allowing instant access to data from monitor or consult on a single web based platform.

Functions that can implement depending on installed equipment:

-continuous monitoring of operating data and consumption of the plant to determine all the significant functional parameters and to verify the efficiency and compliance with design targets;

-create and manage the data-base plant historians and individual equipment: energy consumption, cost, operating hours, breakdowns;

-remotely manage operations start-up, shutdown or switching of individual component of the plant, in terms of regular exercise or following predetermined procedures or alert-constantly

- monitor energy consumption in real-time indicating deviations from the standard values, thus helping to identify areas of improvement and intervention strategies.