Renewable Energy


EURENITALIA is able to operate, even with the support of leading companies specialized in the different fields of renewable energy, in the following general categories:

- Photovoltaic

- biomass cogeneration plants

- biogas cogeneration Plants.

In photovoltaic applications are mainly aimed at self-sufficiency and integration with other energy production technologies such as high-efficiency heat pumps with geothermal source.

Cogeneration plants to renewable energy proposed by EURENITALIA may include where appropriate the use of animal fat oils, agricultural or forestry, biomass or biogas from livestock production.

The inclusion of these plants is generally provided on farms, livestock and transforming, where the raw material is produced or processed, but can also be extended to different users, or even of the industrial sector, to supply heating districts. In all cases, these initiatives have usually encouraged contributions recognized by national laws for the renewable development, in recognition of the environmental sustainability of these initiatives, in line with the objectives of reducing CO2 emissions set by the Kyoto Protocol for 2020.