Maintenance Service

For integration of the Energy Management Service, we have developed the industry dedicated to the management and maintenance of the systems and structures in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase the value and perceived well-being.
We are offered specific solutions for each type of facility and real estate business, but these services even if offered individually never lose the global vision of the whole that allows the optimization and improvement.
To achieve this mission are offered the following services:

    Euren Italy as ESCO UNI 11352 offers included in the maintenance service activities
    Audit and Energy audit in accordance with UNI 11214 and, if the party responsible, submission of documentation pursuant to Decree Law. 102/2014. The energy audit is still a prerequisite to the identification of critical issues and corrective actions for the better implementation of the plan maintenance possibly combined with management as ISO 50001.
    We manage the operation and maintenance as well as 3rd in charge of thermal power plants, we also offer a consultancy service for the purchase of fuel at the best price. The integration of all these services makes economic optimization in the full respect of climate-being.
    We offer a management and planned maintenance and corrective of winter and summer air-conditioning systems focused on property characteristics and the customer, in compliance with current regulations, in order to get the best efficiency and quality of service.
    In this area, at this time in frenetic evolution, we offer an integration of proper maintenance, an innovative energy audit and a constant control of consumption in order to achieve greater overall system efficiency.
    For this increasingly precious resource, we offer as well as a maintenance that maintains the appropriate maintenance of the plant, even a consumption control services to support the customer to reduce waste
    The regulations governing the proper maintenance of detection and extinguishing systems, our service includes and monitors the compliance with the regulations of the verification, replacement parts and record keeping.
    When requested by the customer service can be provided with the support of a Central Information System customized Euren from Italy for each specific contract, totally web based, can handle:

    • The on-call work (Ticketing)
    • the schedule of planned maintenance
    • the history of interventions
    • the computerized management of technical documentation.