Agro Food sector


Agri-food industry has peculiarities regarding their energy requirements and capabilities of the generation of heat recovery process. The sectors that can reap great benefits from innovative energy management includes the dairy sector, the sector of pasta, confectionary, meat processing and sausage.

EURENITALIA diversified solutions both in the efficiency of existing facilities and in self-production energy plants:

  • -Energy-Efficiency equipment (power factor correction of inverter is adopted replacing dissipative control methods, heat recovery systems to process);

  • -Use of renewable energy sources, in particular for farms and livestock and the entire chain o forestry

  • -Cogeneration and trigeneration, on-site production of electricity, steam, heat/cold/cool. The food industry is characterized by processes that require consumption of electricity, heat and cooling capacity in large quantities. The thermal energy is used for example for the production of domestic hot water (45-55° C), for the wash water at medium pressure (50-65° C), hot water (70-80° C) and for the production of steam (6-3-1 .5 bar).

Similarly, in the case of the tri-generation, it may be interesting to evaluate, for the summer, the options to use excess heat energy to produce, with the help of the absorbers to lithium salts, a certain amount of cooling energy, in the form of chilled water (7-12° C).