tubazione di centrale di cogenerazione

More diversified industry sectors (cement, glass, iron and steel industry, production of lime and bricks, aluminum and non-ferrous metals, chemical and heat treatments of refining, textiles, pulp and paper), since the energy Audit performed on manufacturing plants EURENITALIA suggests technological solutions best suited to the needs of its customers in relation to the type of heat resulting from the process as:

-exhaust gas from internal combustion engines

-exhaust gases from furnaces

-exhaust gases from production processes (e.g. cement, glass and other non-ferrous materials)

– streams of hot liquids

-water cooling of industrial processes

-cooling water of the shirts of internal combustion engines

-organic vapors to condense (e.g. distillation columns)

-surplus steam processes (e.g. production of paper)

-steam for cooling industrial processes perspective (e.g. steel production)

-drying or air treatment of process.

The proposals may relate to cogeneration plants (engines or turbines) with conventional and renewable fuels, heat recovery from industrial processes perspective; accessories components such as inverters, phase plugs, high-efficiency lighting of industrial warehouses, optimization/process automation for energy savings.