Hospitals, clinics and rest houses


Hospital activities require a lot of energy that must be accompanied by important measures for energy savings. The mapping of processes and technological equipment for health facilities forms the basis on which to formulate a thorough Energy Audit, designed to identify the most appropriate efficiency solutions to the needs of the structure and its users. In addition, applications such as cogeneration systems equipped for operation stand alone with selectivity of loads, in addition to energy efficiency, significantly increase reinforcement of basic generators.

EURENITALIA studies and offers these solutions in an integrated manner:

• cogeneration Plants/trigeneration with and without district heating network

• high-efficiency heating systems

• heat pumps and geothermal plants

• variable displacement Systems

• air/air heat recovery systems

• electrical load power factor correction

• variable speed Motors

• high efficiency lighting

• Adoption of renewable energy

• improvement of insulation of building structure