Swimming pools and sport centers


According the estimates of the program Respecs (Reduce Swimming Pool Energy Costs) you can save 50% saving on consumption of swimming pools, taking advantage of the technologies available today. Energy efficiency requirements are present also in the multifunctional sports centers without swimming pool, with a significant number of daily attendance (sanitary hot water), with large outdoor areas by illuminating or facilities (restaurants, wellness centers, meeting centers and aggregation) featured by a continuity of winter heating requirements and cooling for summer air-conditioning.

EURENITALIA offers various improving measures that can greatly reduce expenses, with costs that will pay off in a few years:

• cogeneration: the swimming pool is an ideal application, given the contemporary application of thermal and electrical energy during operation. The adoption of cogeneration can also be affordable even in cases where want to avoid increasing the commitment with the electric supplier over the range of low supply voltage electrical equipment, with the consequent obligation to install an electrical cabinet.

• Heating air and water efficient technologies (e.g. condensing boilers or heat pumps, if there is a source to correct temperature or if you need to dehumidify and cool).

• Solar thermal energy, both for pool water and for showers. The heating of the pool is an application-ideal for solar thermal energy as heat is required at low temperature. Using systems to avoid thermal stratification: the warm air tends to go upwards overheating higher volumes of structures. The effect in the pools is increased by evaporation of water by creating more waste for the current season covers pools, where heat is dispersed more easily piling up from the ceiling, due to poor insulation.

• Pool Coverage: the coverage that usually is used for outdoor swimming pools can bring big benefits to indoor swimming pools, in fact in both cases the 70 of waste heat from the pool goes to evaporation

• thermal recovery of waste water heat with a heat exchanger to preheat water renewal.