Hotel and residential districts


Energy demand at hotels is closely linked to its category (level of services and comfort) and the presence of facilities such as conference rooms, fitness centers, sauna or swimming pool.

EUREN ITALIA finds the most suitable solutions to correct the inefficiency of existing facilities by adopting innovative components (e.g. energy-saving lamps or LEDs, heat pumps replacement of old boilers), self-handling systems (cogeneration) and renewable energy.

In the same context you can then plan for retraining and restructuring operations facilities in line with the new regulations, the energy certification of buildings and the application of tax benefits obtainable through:

  • insulation thermal improvements to the outer casing (roofs, walls) with internal or external cowling.

-Replacement of old Windows and Doors with thermal insulation and double/triple-glazed ones Replacement of existing boilers ‐ with high-performance units or renewable energy or a heat pump.
‐ Generalized Adoption of thermostatic valves;

-Installation of solar thermal systems that heat the domestic hot water and heating integration.

-Installation of a photovoltaic system to produce electricity.

Similar interventions may be effective in the residential sector, especially as they are more the size of apartment complexes.

The focus on this area is creating the customization of the offer, with innovative tools for managing and accounting of heat and cold, both condominium level or single dwelling, allowing timely monitoring and optimization of the conditions and working hours.