Management offices, Multifunctional and Commercial centers


Margins of significant energy efficiency in management offices, multifunctional and shopping galleries in General. More opportunities occur during restructuring, or, even better, new design, where the introduction of innovative technology enables even faster turnaround times, being alternative to the basic traditional solutions.

The continuity and the heterogeneity of users, especially in shopping malls and multifunctional, and the intensive use of energy due to high levels of performance required by the environmental comfort and safety standards for people and equipment, often generate diseconomies that may be eliminated in an integrated management approach that underlies EURENITALIA service.

EURENITALIA verified the exact structure, offers efficiency measures that can relate to as an indication:

• adoption of BMS (Building Management Systems) or reverse engineering of existing for an optimization of the control, adjustment and operation of systems planning;

• cogeneration or trigeneration systems. Some applications, such as cogeneration systems with additional features such as high-efficiency UPS, power factor correction, suitability for operation stand alone with selectivity of loads, in addition to energy efficiency to help a significant integration or alternative to traditional emergency relief systems.

• lighting system: replacement of existing lamps with energy saving ones;

• improved thermal insulation of the building structure;

• replacement of heat generators and chillers with high efficiency units or renewable energy or a heat pump.

• photovoltaic and solar systems on the roof.

Particular attention should be spend to the points of sale in the food sector such as supermarkets where there is high consumption of primary energy for lighting and refrigeration, heating or cooking, often through electrical resistances. In addition to the General measures in these cases we work on:

• refrigeration:

• use of frequency inverters or regulators for compressor units;

• replacement in refrigerated conventional control valves

• replacement in refrigerated traditional thermostatic expansion valves with electronic ones.

• application of the speed controller to the condenser fans.